Blue Box is the home of all projects by Werlod.


11/12: An adorable and award-winning take on pinball, developed at CodeDay Fall 2018, was released for Python and PCs!

7/24: Werlod's developer landing page was released! This website has been shifted to to allow for the new main page.

5/27: CodeDay Spring 2018 saw the development of Chef Spud, a roguelike about food, as well as its release for both Python and PCs as an executable program!

2/19: Werlod's game development in Python kicked off with yet another award-winning project from CodeDay Winter 2018!


11/12: QuoteMaker, the award-winning project from CodeDay Fall 2017, was released!

8/13: Final Refrain, an original work for voice, synths, and percussion, was released alongside a full vocal recording!

2/25: Blue Box 3.0 was released with an all new design, two new programming projects, two new songs, and MegaPower!

2/19: SuperHyperBuff, an award-winning game from CodeDay Winter 2017, was published!

1/27: An SATB arrangement of Lacy Wilder's Stronger was published to the site!


12/19: Blue Box began to change focus by removing adaptive works. Why?

11/13: With These Eyes, an award-winning RPG from CodeDay Fall 2016, was published!

7/13: An entire site redesign was completed and Blue Box version 2.0 was released!

6/18: A simple hexadecimal to rgb conversion utility called ColorGO was added to the site!

6/11: An arrangement of Maroon 5's Payphone was added to the music section of the site!

5/22: Werlod's CodeDay Spring 2016 project was completed with a team in 24 hours!

5/16: Face of Night was added to the music section of the site as the second original work!

5/14: One Billion V1.0 soft-launched on the web design section of the site!

5/12: Mainpage styling was completed, and the Web Design section underwent some remodeling!

5/11: Site development began for the Blue Box project at this URL!